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100 CLUB 2017-18  RESULTS

100 CLUB 2016-17

The rules are simple – there are now 12 monthly draws, as the scheme will be run throughout the year, when you can win £30 or £15, as well you being entered for a £100 Christmas prize, to be drawn with the November numbers, if you sign up by 31st August.

The season's contribution is  £20 for 1 stake, 3 for £50, 6 for £90, to be automatically entered into all of these draws, starting at the end of September

Alternatively, you can pay by monthly standing-order - £2 per month for one number, £5.40 for three numbers or £9 for six numbers

Winners will be advised by e-mail.

If 100 numbers are sold, around £800 will again be raised for your club, which will be a vital contribution to its revenue streams. With your help again this year, it will hopefully allow Frank, Paul + the team to push on up the league towards the ultimate goal of promotion. So, the more numbers sold, the more the membership, and you, will benefit in the long run

If any numbers remain unsold, the prize pot & amount raised may be scaled down accordingly, but, if necessary, we can also sell extra numbers & increase the


1st Prize

2nd Prize


Jim Silvey

Roy Sisley


Dave Steer

Paul Pigott


Dave McCann

Chris Harrold


Supporters Club

Jim Silvey


Paul Pigott

Paul Wellington

Christmas Bumper

Mike Smith


Dave McCann

Jim Silvey


Dave Penn

Lyn Catchpole


C;ive Nash

John Simpson


Supporters Club

Roy Trifles


Jim Silvey

Keith Kelly

End of season bonus

Alan Simpson